Advance Card - A Power BI Custom Visual

Advance Card is a Power BI custom visual with more features than default card visual present in Power BI. It is built to overcome some of the limitation of the default card visual in Power BI. Below you will find some of the features of Advance Card.

Align content
You can align content of card to either left, right or center. You can also specify spacing from left or right border or stroke when the content is either left or right aligned.

Prefix and Postfix Demo
Align content to left, right or cetner

Prefix and Postfix Labels
You can add prefix and postfix label along with category label. Prexfis and postfix labels are useful to append text to begining and end of datalabel respectively. This is esepcially useful in live connection. You can achieve similar result with DAX and default card visual but for that you will have to write multiple DAX query for multiple card and DAX does not support formatting. With prefix and postfix label you can also customize size, color and other properties of the text which is not possible in DAX as of now.

Prefix and Postfix Demo
Prefix and postfix label in Advance Card visual

Conditional Formatting
This is one of the important feature of Advance card visual. You can specify different conditions and based on that condition it will change color of either prefix, postfix, data label, category label or all them based on which label you want to apply conditional formatting. Some scenario where it can be useful are:

  • Showing states: value > 90 then green | value > 50 then yellow | value > 0 then red
  • Range formatting: If value is between 10 and 30 then show green else show red.
  • Comparing two or more values(through DAX): If actual > target then red else green
Conditional Formatting Demo
Conditional formatting in Advance Card visual

You can show data in form of tooltip on Advance Card which is not possible with default card visual. This useful if you want to show custom information, extra data in form of tooltip.

Tooltip Demo
Tooltip in Advance Card visual

Stroke (Border) Formatting
This feature is is useful to make card more visually attractive. You can change stroke(border) size, color, type, corner radius etc.

Stroke Formatting Demo
Stroke formatting in Advance Card visual

Features Comparison

Features Advance Card Visual Default Card Visual
Data label formatting
Category label formatting
Content alignment
Prefix and postfix label
Conditional formatting
Conditional formatting based on other measure
Tooltip support
Stroke or border manipulation

Download Links And Other Resources

Note: Version on github may differ from Appsource version. In power BI only appsource version will work even after you import latest version from github which is not available on Appsource yet. It may take weeks to update visual on Appsource once it is updated on github.

Download Advance Card visual from Appsource

Visit GitHub to submit suggestion or bugs.
Detailed documentation available at Github Wiki
Privacy Policy available at Power BI Custom Visual Privay Policy

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